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It’s a “Mini Me” Guitar!

Another short but sweet blog.

A few days ago, I received an email advertisement from a novelty company called Axe Heaven Store ( This is a company that makes miniature copies of famous guitars, including ones used by Slash, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. The advertisement sent to me was showing the store’s recent addition: a copy of a B.C. Rich Warlock model used by a character on the Netflix television show Stranger Things.

Not my cup of tea, but the thing does look professionally made, not some mass-produced piece of crap. I decided to check out the website, and along with dozens of rock-oriented miniature guitars (and even drum kits), they have a few acoustic related miniatures. There are a few D-28-style guitars, a banjo, and a mandolin! Unfortunately, these seem a bit more amateurish in manufacturing, although the Gibson Hummingbird does look like they put the time in to making it look realistic. By the looks of things, Gibson may have a licensing deal with Axe Heaven.

I would love to see a miniature replica of Bill Monroe’s road-beaten F-5 mandolin, or perhaps a true, more to realistic miniature of Earl Scruggs’ Gibson Grenada, or maybe even Jerry Douglas’ Signature Beard dobro. I would consider buying one of thise and putting it on my desk at work instead of a family photo (since I really don’t have a family).

I leave you with a great guitar face off recorded a few years ago with Josh Williams, Andy Falco, and Chris Eldridge.

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