I will miss you, Matka

This morning, my mother passed away, I did see her about an hour before she passed, and I knew inside of me the time had come. She was incoherent, but she recognized my voice. She was 90 years old, lived through the Depression, married the man she would stay with for 55 years, gave the world two sons, and never completely got over the death of her husband for eight years.

I will miss her immensely. For the last six years, I lived with her and shuttered my own house. I didn’t take a vacation for over three years so that I could take care of her. My first one since then was supposed to be this weekend to SPBGMA in Nashville, I was planning to drive down there early tomorrow morning, but plans have changed.

Mary Merta will be missed not only by my brother and I, but her one grandson, her sister, and hundreds of people that she knew in the neighborhood, at church, and across the miles.

I am not sure when I will be getting back to posting the next blog. I just ask that you say a prayer for my mom if you are religious, and if you are not, just think good thoughts about your own mother.